DevRev Forge Hackathon: A Round-up of LLM-powered VoC Innovation

DevRev Forge Hackathon: A Round-up of LLM-powered VoC Innovation


Let's rewind and relive the excitement of the DevRev Forge Hackathon! The goal was to design AI-powered solutions that seamlessly gather VoC data from a multitude of channels—social media, app reviews, emails, and more. Imagine having all your customer feedback in one place, readily analyzed, and transformed into actionable insights!

Themes and Tracks

Multi-Channel Voice of Customer Data Processing and Actionable Insights

In today's digital landscape, customer feedback and sentiments are dispersed across various channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Email, App Reviews (Playstore/Appstore), Instagram, Facebook, Forums like Reddit, and more. Collating this Voice of Customer (VoC) data is pivotal for organizations to understand customer needs, pain points, and preferences. However, this data's diverse sources and unstructured nature pose challenges in processing, denoising, and extracting actionable insights effectively.

The challenge was to use LLMs and snap-ins to aggregate VoC data from multiple channels seamlessly. These solutions leveraged the capabilities of the DevRev platform, utilizing its APIs for data ingestion and an omnichannel inbox for displaying actionable items to internal teams. For those who missed out, buckle up because you're in for a treat!

Hackathon Kickoff

Kicking things off with a bang, we had visionary leaders like Dheeraj Pandey, CEO of DevRev, and Navin Chaddha, Managing Partner at Mayfield, join in to share their insights into transformative innovation and the real-world impact of using AI to streamline and understand customer needs. Next on the agenda was laying down resources to ensure all the builders were ready for the challenge!

Workshops and AMA

Learning should never stop. From Snap-ins 101 Workshop to Team Formation Workshops to an AMA session with the DevRev core team, participants got a crash course in the latest tech tools and strategies. Whether a seasoned pro or a curious beginner, there was something for everyone to sink their teeth into.

Drumroll, please!

The Top 5 projects are some of the most fascinating ideas from the hackathon! As one of the winning perks, they were flown down and felicitated at the DevRev Effortless conference in Mumbai. The conference brought together luminaries like Vinod Khosla (Founder, Khosla Ventures), Dheeraj Pandey (CEO, DevRev), Rashid Khan (Co-Founder,, and hundreds of people to discuss the future of AI-enabled organizations committed to providing fast, reliable, and highly personalized customer experiences.

Let’s check out what they build! 👇🏼


One-stop solution for comprehensive analysis of app reviews and user feedback from diverse sources, facilitating comparative trend analysis of various insight factors using AI.
🛠️ Builders: Kabir, Aditya, Debasmit, and Anannyo

Voice To Help

Improving customer support by streamlining ticket creation across platforms, managing configurations securely, automating data collection, providing insights through a dashboard, and leveraging machine learning for improvement.
🛠️ Builders: Chinmaya, Hriday, Mardav, and Ayush


Addressing the challenge of managing online product reviews by using AI to detect potential user issues from emitted events, seamlessly integrating with DevRev to log relevant tickets for resolution proactively.
🛠️ Builders: Vaishakh and Rishikant


Streamlines analyzing diverse customer feedback sources by integrating real-time data ingestion, dynamic clustering, a chatbot for query resolution, and an interactive dashboard for insights.
🛠️ Builders: Abhishek and Vishaka


It uses AI to extract actionable insights from customer reviews across multiple channels, including sentiment analysis, feature importance, bug severity, and user engagement metrics.
🛠️ Builders: Nihal and Santhi

Check out all the winning and participating projects on Devfolio:!


This hackathon wasn't just about winning—it was about shaping the future of customer experience and Artificial Intelligence. By harnessing the power of AI and LLMs, these developers are paving the way for a more streamlined and insightful approach to understanding customer needs.

A huge thank you to each and every one of you for bringing your thinking caps to the hackathon, building superb projects, and making this hackathon one for the books. You've shown us what's possible when creativity meets determination meets AI, and we couldn't be prouder.

See you around at upcoming Devfolio hackathons! :)

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Until then, Never Stop Building 🛠️