ETHDenver 2024: A Front-Row Recap with Devfolio

Craving a second helping of ETHDenver 2024? Here’s a lowdown on the buidlathon, the top projects, and a peek into our behind-the-scenes adventures!

ETHDenver 2024: A Front-Row Recap with Devfolio

ETHDenver: A Legacy of Innovation

ETHDenver is a community-owned innovation festival dedicated to empowering the Web3 community. It aims to shape the new world while establishing the Rocky Mountain region and Colorado as a thriving hub of Ethereum and blockchain innovation. Founded in 2018 in Denver, Colorado, ETHDenver celebrates the convergence of blockchain technology, decentralization, education, community, and culture.

With each passing year, the legacy of ETHDenver grows even stronger. Alums from previous years have collectively raised over $300 million in funding, a testament to this event's transformative power. Teams like 1Inch,, Huma Finance, Harpie, and Bankless, grew from humble beginnings at ETHDenver to become key sponsors, partners, and integral contributors to the event.

Devfolio x ETHDenver: Once again! 💙

The ETHDenver community embodies the spirit of learning by building. As huge proponents of this approach, we were thrilled to be back at ETHDenver in 2024 after having a rollicking time hosting ETHDenver 2020 on Devfolio! This year, once again, we flew down to the Mile High City to support the organizers and builders—helping out with platform queries, fixing bugs on the fly, and, most importantly, keeping the energy roaring!

About ETHDenver 2024

The ETHDenver community continues to push the boundaries year after year, and this year was no exception. Developers, creators, and visionaries from all over the world (over 120 countries!) gathered for a week-long exploration of the future of Web3. Along with the staggering prize pool of over $1 million, builders could bag up to $10 million in grants and investments. The kind of support that goes a long way in empowering promising projects and giving talented developers the resources to create magic.

Talks, Workshops, & Panels Discussions

The buidlathon and the conference were filled with conversations—mentorship sessions, panels, hands-on workshops, AMAs—you name it. From Farcaster Frames to the Dencun Upgrade, there was hardly any recent development in the space that wasn't discussed in profound depth. Check out all this #BUIDLWeek 2024 playlist for all the recordings! ↓

Here’s to our Top 5 Projects! 🥂

Let’s get to the real deal: the impressive projects that stole the show:

BeReal but with pushups: get active, stay accountable, and get rewarded with friends.

🏆 Prizes: $1,000 and $2500 ETHDenver 2025 SporkWhale VIP Ticket to all the builders
🛠️ Builders: William Wan and Xavier Dmello
💰 QV Matching Amount: $SPORK 95K

Sekai leverages AI and Web3 to democratize the process of storytelling, making it easier and more collaborative.

🏆 Prizes: $1,000 and $2500 ETHDenver 2025 SporkWhale VIP Ticket to all the builders
🛠️ Builders: John Wu, Kaiser Kim, and Tommy Rodriguez
💰 QV Matching Amount: $SPORK 4K

ODIN - Guarding the Gateway to Web3 Valhalla
ODIN is a bonded service on Ethereum via EigenLayer that works with block builders to pause Dapps before a malicious transaction is executed by simulating protocol invariants and economic incentives.

🏆 Prizes: $1,000 and $2500 ETHDenver 2025 SporkWhale VIP Ticket to all the builders
🛠️ Builders: Anup and Anto
💰 QV Matching Amount: $SPORK 11K

Egg Wars: A Game on Base
An immersive game where players compete to build the biggest army of chickens and produce the most $EGG.

🏆 Prizes: $1,000 and $2500 ETHDenver 2025 SporkWhale VIP Ticket to all the builders
🛠️ Builders: Steve, Jeremy, John, and Regular
💰 QV Matching Amount: $SPORK 57K

HoneyPause is a permissionless on-chain EXPLOIT bounty tied to a circuit breaker.

🏆 Prizes: $1,000 and $2500 ETHDenver 2025 SporkWhale VIP Ticket to all the builders
🛠️ Builders: Justin, Lawrence, and Jordan
💰 QV Matching Amount: $SPORK 46K

Check out the winners from tracks spanning infrastructure, scalability, NFTs, DAOs, gaming, public goods, and more on Devfolio:

Quadratic Voting at ETHDenver 2024 🗳️

To celebrate the community-driven innovation that ETHDenver is, there was an additional 1 Million $SPORK Matching Pool for Quadratic Voting at the buidlathon! This gave all the builders and members of the SporkDAO a chance to support the projects that resonated with them the most!

Quadratic Voting goes beyond simple yes/no votes, allowing all participants to influence how funds are distributed to deserving projects. Over 300 builders participated in QV, supporting over 200 projects and proving the strength of the ETHDenver community!

Check out the QV results on Devfolio:!

Cheers to the Projects! 🥳

Think of Cheer as Devfolio's take on "buy-me-a-coffee." It allows you to support projects by sending them digital stickers with real monetary value in ETH. 100% of contributions go directly to the builders.
Here's how:

Cheer demo at ETHDenver 2024 Kick-off.
Cheer Stickers on Devfolio.
Cheer Stickers on Devfolio.

See you again, EDEN! 🫶

As we wrap up another chapter of ETHDenver, we'd like to thank the organizing team whose tireless efforts made the event possible and memorable. They’re already gearing up for ETHDenver 2025, committing to the core tenet of the Ethereum community: a relentless pursuit towards building a decentralized future.

To the builders who joined us, your hard work, creativity, and dedication to taking Ethereum forward are truly impressive, and we’re right there with you.

Here's to the boundless possibilities that lie ahead and crossing paths again!

ETHDenver 2024 recap video.

P.S. Please note a couple of points regarding the distribution of bounties.

  • Builders will not claim bounties via Devfolio. The ETHDenver team will provide detailed information about directly claiming your prizes.
  • If you have any questions or need further information, please reach out to the ETHDenver team via Discord or email them at [email protected].

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Until then, Never Stop Building 🛠️