A Weekend of Hacking at Ethereum Zürich

Come along as we take a closer look at the Ethereum Zürich Hackathon hosted on Devfolio, where the Swiss Ethereum community gathered for a weekend of building, growth, and innovation.

A Weekend of Hacking at Ethereum Zürich


EthereumZuric.ch hackathon, co-organized by UTXO Foundation and hosted on Devfolio, united the Ethereum community in the most crypto-friendly country, which is also the cradle of blockchain research.

Zürich was one of the last European cities that hadn’t had a major Ethereum-focused event despite its clear importance and the fact it’s home to numerous blockchain & Ethereum startups. But, not anymore!

The Ethereum Zürich hackathon kicked off on 14th April 2023, supporting the local crypto-friendly community, connecting it with industry professionals, and creating new beneficial projects under the guidance of world-class judges, mentors, and advisors.

The areas of interest expanded wide from Ethereum development to virtual machines, blockchain execution, zero-knowledge proofs, data availability & security, cryptography, and academic research. And voting for winning projects was not only up to dedicated judges, but also enabled the hackathon participants themselves to choose their favorite projects through quadratic voting!

Featuring talks across various fascinating topics like Programming Languages, Cryptography, ZKP, Data Availability, P2P Networking, Ethereum Community, Regulations & Compliance, and Tokenomics, the hackathon helped the participants learn about the Ethereum ecosystem at a granular level.

🏆 Meet the Winners

🥇 SWAPS.ES: Open Track - QV  1st Place

A peer-to-peer platform for trading digital assets. Their OTC desk utilizes AA (ERC-4337) to ensure secure and efficient transactions

🛠️ Builders: Victor Solomon, Manvir Schneider, Antonis Thomas, David Recheni, and Leo Pashov

Check out their Devfolio submission: https://devfolio.co/projects/swapses-0856

🥈 Caffeine Consensus: Open Track - QV  2nd Place & Judges' Favourite

Infrastructure for large enterprises and government organizations to use their existing Public Key Infrastructure with Account Abstraction for gasless transactions without additional software.

🛠️ Builders: Sergey Gerodes, Olga Abramova, Kim Borgen, Aliaksandr Shautsou

Check out their Devfolio submission: https://devfolio.co/projects/caffeine-consensus-ee2b

🥉 OpenSauce: Open Track - QV 3rd Place

It revolutionizes open-source funding by transforming Git Orgs/Repos into tokenized DAOs, making every git contribution a liquid asset for sustainable growth.

🛠️ Builders: Aleksandar Hadzibabic, Guilherme Sperb Machado, Michael Bucher, Gabriel Lopes, and Claude Muller

Check out their Devfolio submission: https://devfolio.co/projects/opensauce-79f7

🎖️ Partner Bounty Winners

🔢 Gelato Drand VRF

Provides verifiable public randomness on the chain, ensuring fair random numbers for GameFi and lotteries.

🛠️ Builders: Pierre Vinet, and Louis Bettens

🏆 Winning track: Gelato Web3 Functions

Check out their Devfolio submission: https://devfolio.co/projects/gelato-drand-vrf-ae15

🎨 CryptoFolia

An onchain decentralized generative art project that operates on the blockchain and seeks to incentivize sustainable behavior through gamification.

🛠️ Builders: Yannick 0xyanc, Hashman Krypto, Aleixo Sánchez, Philipp Hiestand, and Emilien Duc

🏆 Winning track: Gelato Web3 Functions

Check out their Devfolio submission: https://devfolio.co/projects/cryptofolia-eff1

💸 FantaCrypto

Enables paper trading competitions onchain leveraging API3 oracles data feed.

🛠️ Builders: Matteo Casonato, and Matteo Midena

🏆 Winning track: API3 DAO - Use of first-party oracles

Check out their Devfolio submission: https://devfolio.co/projects/fantacrypto-f046

📈 PredictFlow

A cutting-edge prediction market platform that harnesses the power of blockchain and automated dAPI sponsor wallet management.

🛠️ Builder: Artem Savchenko

🏆 Winning tracks: API3 DAO - Use of first-party oracles

Check out their Devfolio submission: https://devfolio.co/projects/predictflow-9239

💰 LiquidationStation

A multi-agent application that democratizes DeFi derivatives by incentivizing collaboration and securing off-chain computation using Tendermint.

🛠️ Builders: Michiel Karrenbelt, and 8 baller

🏆 Winning tracks: PWN

Check out their Devfolio submission: https://devfolio.co/projects/liquidationstation-3dd4

✨ Honourable Mentions

🦾 Polymer

GPT-assisted Solidity analyzer that helps find security issues by suggesting areas to review, generating tests, and using the Z3 SMT Solver to verify the design formally.

🛠️ Builders: Matthew Di Ferrante, and Harry R

Check out their Devfolio submission: https://devfolio.co/projects/polymer-38e4

🔐 Plurality

An identity-lego-building block for Dapp creators that lets them identify their users without using any third-party KYC provider or middleman, whilst preserving the privacy of users.

🛠️ Builders: Mujtaba Idrees, Hira Siddiqui, and Tobias Jung

Check out their Devfolio submission: https://devfolio.co/projects/purality-30d7

👝 BioWallet

A security-centric, hardware-based iOS wallet app that delivers a near-institutional grade solution to individuals at a significantly reduced cost.

🛠️ Builders: Ryoko Imoto, Thomas Lummerstorfer, Alok Sahay, and Jonathan Lehner

Check out their Devfolio submission: https://devfolio.co/projects/biowallet-d4c9

⛓️ Score

Onchain verifiable address rating protocol, protecting assets of the next 1 billion users by assigning scores based on open algorithms with onchain verification through owning blue-chip NFTs, passing KYCs, and owning POAPs and SBTs.

🛠️ Builders: Tim Mustafin, Leonid Tyurin, Artem Yuloskov, and Sergey Makarov

Check out their Devfolio submission: https://devfolio.co/projects/score-a344

🧾 TETH pay

A non-custodial solution that connects Ethereum and Telegram, empowering users to transfer funds and split bills effortlessly, right within their chat conversations.

🛠️ Builders: Daniil Lomeiko, Mykyta Repenko, Pavel Beresnev, Nichita Guțu, and Ruslan Fedoseenko

Check out their Devfolio submission: https://devfolio.co/projects/teth-pay-ade5

🏪 Züri Crypto Cars NFT DApp

An Ethereum marketplace that facilitates car buying and selling with escrow service and streamlined paperwork through an API.

🛠️ Builders:  Daniel Müller, and Michał Adamski

Check out their Devfolio submission: https://devfolio.co/projects/zuri-crypto-cars-nft-dapp-f174

🤑 SplETH

A Web3 dApp that simplifies group spending by enabling effortless depositing into a shared wallet for seamless mutual spending experiences.

🛠️ Builders: Simko Daniel, Nariman Mavliutov, and Ivan Dimitrov

Check out their Devfolio submission: https://devfolio.co/projects/spleth-c1ff

🧑🏽‍🔬 DAOs Reasearch

Research in a slightly different way, with jokes and memes, making DAOs decentralized, organized, and autonomous.

🛠️ Builder: Jiri Cepelka

Check out their Devfolio submission: https://devfolio.co/projects/daos-reasearch-e131

The open track involved hackers participating in Quadratic Voting to vote for their favorite projects, dishing out a whopping $8167. Check out the deatils here!


Woah, that was one heck of a ride! We’re happy that our peers at Ethereum Zürich (https://twitter.com/EthereumZurich) brought together the Ethereum community in Switzerland for three days packed with learning, collaboration, and innovation.

The hackathon showcased the latest developments across the ecosystem resulting in an excellent opportunity for participants to learn about cool new things.

Congratulations to the winners and participants of the hackathon, and thanks to the organizers, judges, mentors, and advisors for making it all possible. We look forward to seeing what amazing projects come out of the EthereumZurich.ch hackathon in the future.

Stay tuned for more updates and interact with the Devfolio community at:

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Until then, Never Stop Building 🛠️