Goooood morning, Mumbai: Inside the ETHMumbai Hackathon!

We're excited to share a recap of the exhilarating ETHMumbai Hackathon, supported by Devfolio. Let's dive into the highlights :)

Goooood morning, Mumbai: Inside the ETHMumbai Hackathon!

Welcome to the vibrant world of ETHMumbai, where we build from Mumbai for the world!

Last weekend, Mumbai hosted their inaugural Ethereum hackathon, setting the stage for a thrilling showcase of talent, creativity, and technological prowess. From the electrifying inauguration, pulsating with traditional drum beats, to the bustling venue adorned with fragments of Bombay's soul, every moment was a testament to the city's vibrant spirit and the boundless potential of Ethereum technology.

Join us as we embark on a journey through the heart of Mumbai's blockchain revolution, celebrating the ingenuity and passion of our BUIDLers community.


With over 300 hackers in attendance, the event buzzed with collaborative energy and the eager anticipation of cool hacks. The organizers spared no effort in ensuring that the builders felt welcomed and prepared to embark on their projects. The builders were all in, diving deep into over 10 hours of hands-on workshops, getting into the nitty-gritty of blockchain tech, and leveling up their skills with some serious guidance from the pros. 🙌

ETHMumbai was graced by an impressive lineup of judges and speakers, including Denver Dsouza and Preet Parekh from Devfolio. Alongside engaging discussions and inspiring talks, their presence added a special spark to the event, fueling the fire of innovation on Ethereum.

The hackathon also had over 20 hours of online workshops, ensuring no one missed out on the action. Whether you were halfway across the globe or just couldn't make it in person, you could still join in on the fun and level up your skills.

The stakes were high too! With over $25k in prizes up for grabs, teams were fired up and ready to go above and beyond.

Cheering for ETHMumbai

But the fun didn't stop after the hackathon wrapped up! We all came back together for a post-hackathon Twitter space with Denver Dsouza, Aastha Shah, and Chandresh, alongside other builder frens  Kautuk Kundan, Gyan Lakshmi, and Harsh Bajpai.

Whether it was giving feedback, offering encouragement, or even sharing some Ethereum on Devfolio, we were there to support each other every step of the way. Because at ETHMumbai, the excitement doesn't end when the hackathon does. Didn't catch it? Check it out here! You can still lend your support and cheer for the projects.

And the Envelopes, Please!

Here are the Top 3 projects that stole the show at the hackathon!


PointCaster is a decentralized points infrastructure analyzing user engagements across DeFi protocols, utilizing micro-rollup technology to ensure verifiable computations. It evaluates contributions like community engagement and provides metrics for rewarding early supporters through airdrops, grants, and exclusivity.

🛠️ Builders: Yash Saraswat and Rose Jethani


Zcomp bridges the gap between high-level languages and zero-knowledge proof systems, minimizing computational overhead and supporting various backends for generating proofs. It allows users to input computations in any high-level language and seamlessly generate proofs, offering flexibility and efficiency across different circuit and proof systems.

🛠️ Builders: Aditya Anand, Muskan Kumari, Rajasree Ponnnada and Raman Patel

Intents MRU

Intents-MRU simplifies blockchain interactions by allowing users to express actions in natural language, removing the need for deep technical understanding. With potential integration into platforms like Telegram, users can convey intents effortlessly, facilitating DeFi transactions, NFT actions, decentralized governance, and wallet management.

🛠️ Builders: Dhruv Agarwal and Kushagra Sarathe

Thank You for the Memories

As we peace out from ETHMumbai, we're stoked for what's next. We're talking about a culture where every city is a hotspot for innovation, where we're breaking boundaries and making waves in the Web3 space.

India's becoming a playground for blockchain brilliance, and the possibilities? Endless! As we look ahead, we eagerly anticipate the next chapter in this incredible journey.

Big shoutout to all the organizers, participants, and supporters who made ETHMumbai a blast! And to anyone out there thinking about hosting their own hackathon, hey, let's chat!

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Until then, Never Stop Building 🛠️