Throwback to the Biggest ETHMunich Hackathon

Strap in and join us on a retrospective journey at the ETHMunich 2023 Hackathon, hosted on Devfolio. Relive the thrills, the innovation, and the creative spirits that made the hackathon ever so flourishing!

Throwback to the Biggest ETHMunich Hackathon


ETHMunich 2023 by PretzelDAO was the convergence of a fantastic crowd — developers, tinkerers, and builders — nestled at the backdrop of the vibrant city of Munich, Germany.

The hackathon served as a crucible of ideas, a hub for knowledge-sharing, and a breeding ground for innovation, and we’re so happy to have it hosted on Devfolio.

With a stellar lineup of speakers, hands-on workshops, and riveting discussions, ETHMunich 2023 allowed developers to explore the latest trends and real-world applications of Ethereum and Web3.

Their mission was crystal clear: to envision the future of blockchain technology and explore uncharted territories, seeking solutions to real-world problems that would be useful for people beyond the blockchain space, reaching the "non-veterans.”

And the hackathon proved to be a hit — over 192 on-site attendees, and 142 on-site hackers, hacking for 39 hours straight, for a prize pool of over $20,000.

Meet The Winners 🥳🍻

As for any hackathon — the best part of the experience was the ideas that were brought to life. At ETHMunich, they were nothing short of impressive. We're talking about initiatives that spanned sustainable agriculture, the fusion of NFTs and machine learning, decentralized journalism, a fact-checker Chrome extension, and a whole lot more.

Curious to see these fascinating projects for yourself? Scout through all the winning projects here.

And if you're itching to explore all the projects, head on over to!

Until Next Time 👋🏼

The ETHMunich 2023 experience was nothing short of mind-blowing. It was a symphony of innovation, collaboration, and the building spirit at its finest.

A massive shoutout to the dedicated organizers who poured their hearts and souls into making this hackathon a reality, leaving all the participants floored.

And a huge pat on the back to the promising hackers crafting the future, one hackathon at a time. Your passion and dedication inspire all of us.

As we bid adieu to this year's extravaganza, we can't help but look forward to the promise of the future—a future where blockchain technology will continue to evolve, inspire, and transform the world as we know it.

Servus, ETHMunich 2023. Until next time! :)

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