A Recap of the ETHPrague Hackathon: Unleashing Innovation in the Heart of Europe

A walkthrough of three intense days of collaboration, exchanging knowledge, and working tirelessly to transform visions into tangible projects. Let’s begin.

A Recap of the ETHPrague Hackathon: Unleashing Innovation in the Heart of Europe


ETHPrague hackathon was held in the enchanting city of Prague on 9-11 June, bringing together the brightest minds in the solarpunk, sustainability, blockchain, and Ethereum communities. As a platform that strives to support developers and foster innovation, we were thrilled to be their hosting partner!

In this recap, we'll take you on a journey through the memorable moments, groundbreaking projects, and the collaborative spirit that defined ETHPrague 2023.

ETHPrague 2023 was both a conference and a hackathon featuring talks, hands-on workshops, and other fun activities across a range of subjects, including environmental and societal challenges, solarpunk visions, sustainability, and Ethereum development. The hackathon hosted over 500 hackers, allowing them to collaborate with like-minded individuals and build impactful projects to grab prizes from a pool of $100,000+.

The builders attended high-quality technical workshops and talks at both Prague DeFi Summit and ETHPrague to level up their skills and get inspiration to build. ETHPrague focused on the future of Ethereum and potential concepts or applications that have yet to be thought of.

Over the course of three intense days, participants collaborated, exchanged knowledge, and worked tirelessly to transform their visions into tangible projects. From seasoned developers to first-time hackers, the event was filled with boundless potential that resulted in many impressive projects.

🎉🤗 Moments to cherish

Of course, all three days were a blast to remember, but we might cherish some moments a little extra. From the live music and fun games to the infectious energy of speakers like Vitalik and Stani.

Here are some tweets highlighting these moments! 👇🏼

🏆 🚀 And…the winners are!

Plantation Station

Plantation Station is a decentralized agent service that monitors, manages and optimizes the yield of plants and vegetables.

🛠️ Builders: Michiel Karrenbelt, 8 baller, Anton savitskiy, Alexander Kuperman, and Philipp Kothe

🏅 Winning tracks: Sustainability and Urbanism, PWN, API3, NEAR Protocol

Nerif RechargeX

Enabling users to recharge their prepaid phone directly on-chain with Nerif Network in the background.

🛠️ Builder: Johannes Kern

🏅 Winning tracks: Regenerative Finance & Decentralized Economies


Empowering local communities to share, invest, and thrive with decentralized resource sharing, P2P tools & equipment lending, yield farming, activism, and governance.

🛠️ Builders: Raquel, kristjan, Jonas, Puncar, and Seddik

🏅 Winning tracks: Community , Activism, & Accessibility, The Graph, Aave Grants DAO, zkSync, Optimism

Stake for Impact

Empowering ETH hodlers to support meaningful and charitable initiatives using innovative methods.

🛠️ Builders: Adam, Oleksii, Ondrej, Guillermo, and Victoria

🏅 Winning tracks: Social Impact


Offering informal tools for fostering company cultures while incorporating AI and NFT technology to bridge the gap between crypto and non-crypto communities.

🛠️ Builders: Pavel, and Dominik

🏅 Winning tracks: Social Impact

QR Seal: Multisig Wallet 🦭

A privacy-preserving, gas-optimized mobile multisig wallet, implemented via account abstraction and Schnorr signatures.

🛠️ Builders: Borislav, Kaloyan, and Gergana

🏅 Winning tracks: Ethereum Future

ZK Estate

ZK Estate is a secure web3 rental service tokenizing apartments and ensuring transparency while eliminating intermediaries.

🛠️ Builders: B, G, and Dima

🏅 Winning track: Hackers’ Favorite


HackPacker DAO

A P2P, DAO-secured protocol based on stake to connect hackers and local people and at the same time, sponsor hackers and hosts.

🛠️ Builders: Jacob, Jiri, Rostislav, Lukáš, and Petr

🏅 Winning track: Audience Favorite

Libertas - Fair & Free

Allows Lens creators to tokenise their subscription cashflows and use them as collateral to access credit.

🛠️ Builders: Teresa, and Iván

🏅 Winning tracks: PWN, The Graph, Lens Protocol

Saunabound: Steaming Ahead

A privacy-preserving DeFi protocol that allows users to interact with DeFi borrow lending protocols without revealing their holdings and strategies

🛠️ Builders: Sergey, Olga, Alexe, Tymofii, and Amin

🏅 Winning tracks: PWN


Conceals sensitive information in public transactions, promotes trust in decentralized finance, and enables discreet lending for major token holders safeguarding user information for financial stability.

🛠️ Builders: Aleksandr, Lachlan, Dmitrii, and E

🏅 Winning tracks: PWN, Aave Grants DAO, Taiko, Mantle

Lens Substream

A low-latency data solution for decentralized social media, utilizing Substreams to compose data streams with caching, archiving, and high throughput processing for real-time analysis and monitoring of Lens protocol data.

🛠️ Builders: Dinesh Pinto

🏅 Winning tracks: The Graph


An all-in-one platform for work collectives solving major issues like job sourcing, governance, and payment management.

🛠️ Builders: Kirsten, Mattia, Trevor, and Romain

🏅 Winning tracks: The Graph, zkSync, Gnosis Chain & Gateway, Base

🐢 TurtleShell

Brings Smart Contract security data on-chain, providing transparency, composability, and programmable on-chain data.

🛠️ Builders: Tobias, Philipp, and Valerio

🏅 Winning tracks: The Graph, Taiko, Mantle, Scroll


Simplifies complex concepts and builds transactions in plain English, empowering users with accessible Web3 knowledge.

🛠️ Builders: Paolo, Federico, Francesco, Marco, and Marcello

🏅 Winning tracks: The Graph, Aave Grants DAO, Taiko, Gnosis Chain & Gateway (x 2)

Leverage ReFi

Allows users to invest in ecological assets without sacrificing liquidity - benefiting from long-term value growth, and fostering a sustainable future while profiting financially.

🛠️ Builders: Amit, lilly, Marcel, and Robert

🏅 Winning tracks: Aave Grants DAO


Allows users to register a lens profile as an ERC-6551 account, linking the handle with an ERC-4337 account and enabling holding multiple NFTs and other assets.

🛠️ Builders: Barto, and Jose

🏅 Winning track: Lens Protocol

Social investing using Lens x Token.com

A tool that can filter Lens posts by keywords, allowing Token.com users to discover & invest in the tokens that Lens users are talking about.

🛠️ Builders: Riccardo, Mel, Roger, and Mateo

🏅 Winning tracks: Lens Protocol


A Lens-based social Dapp that verifies environmental claims made by companies leveraging an optimistic oracle.

🛠️ Builders: MATIAS, Nicolò, Arjan, and David

🏅 Winning tracks: Lens Protocol, Taiko


Facilitates easy donations to charities by paying for transactions in stable coins or fiat on behalf of users, ensuring accessibility and providing proof of donation.

🛠️ Builders: Shot and Noe

🏅 Winning tracks: API3


Fixing the ticketing system using on-chain capabilities where users can create an event, and buy or sell tickets with just a few clicks while keeping royalties for those who deserve them.

🛠️ Builders: Przemek, Chris, Mateusz, Tomasz, and Bart

🏅 Winning tracks: zkSync, API3


A paymaster that dynamically sponsors addresses based on the token balance, which represents DAO membership.

🛠️ Builders: Ann, David, and Aliaksan

🏅 Winning tracks: Ethereum Foundation

Atomic Cloak

Mixer-style privacy-preserving cross-chain atomic swaps where users can withdraw ETH and ERC-20 from L2 anonymously and instantly via a liquidity provider.

🛠️ Builders: Tomas, Alessandro, Sergey, and Aidas

🏅 Winning tracks: Ethereum Foundation, Taiko, Optimism


Enabling to support NGOs with every Web3 transaction, with automatic donations to charities during blockchain transactions.

🛠️ Builders: MicroHoffman, Vero, Headwitch, and Igor

🏅 Winning tracks: Ethereum Foundation, Taiko

Vite + Vue


An ERC4337-based social recovery wallet that also implements privacy-preserving features, such as private ownership and private ownership transfer.

🛠️ Builders: Porco

🏅 Winning tracks: Ethereum Foundation, Scroll


Provides a way to add a security layer for organ transportation reducing manipulation of data that needs to be handled with extreme delicacy.

🛠️ Builder: Simon

🏅 Winning tracks: ChainSafe


A web3.js version 4.x plugin that gives users contract instances of the most common token standards like ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-777, ERC-1155 and more.

🛠️ Builders: Peter

🏅 Winning tracks: ChainSafe

Progress Pool

Progress Pool is a new funding mechanism that rewards those pursuing their projects beyond the hackathon weekend.

🛠️ Builders: Leverts, and Geoist

🏅 Winning tracks: NEAR Protocol, Optimism, and Mantle

Decentralized bridge at Decentralized frontend

Deploying Aramid Bridge frontend at NEAR's Blockchain Operating System.

🛠️ Builders: Ludovit, and Jan

🏅 Winning tracks: NEAR Protocol


Enabling people to acquire publications houses with their Lens-based-publication as NFTs.

🛠️ Builders: Ryoko, Aurora, Viki, and Ondra

🏅 Winning tracks: Taiko

Cheque Republic: Cheque system on EVM

Users can pay anyone who doesn't have an Ethereum address without paying a gas fee.

🛠️ Builders: Jakub

🏅 Winning tracks: Taiko


Unlocking trust through AI-Powered auditing: bringing bleeding-edge auditing technology to the blockchain, ensuring provable results and transparency for all.

🛠️ Builders: Konrad

🏅 Winning tracks: Taiko


SwiftGate is a bridging protocol that allows users to bridge their assets with minimal costs by bridging in batches.

🛠️ Builders: Simao, and Carolina

🏅 Winning tracks:  Taiko

fren2fren: solving Bolivia's banking crisis

An invite-only, non-KYC P2P exchange for communities to onramp members into crypto with social points.

🛠️ Builders: Maggo, Kevin, and Nico

🏅 Winning tracks: Taiko

EngageFi is a mobile SDK built on Unity

A mobile Ads SDK that the developer seamlessly integrates into their existing game project which is built on top of unity so game developers are familiar with existing tools.

🛠️ Builders: Alok, and Krisztian

🏅 Winning tracks: Scroll, Base

EngageFi: A Web3 Revenue Model for Mobile Developers 🎮
Hey there! My name is Alok and I’m excited to introduce you to EngageFi, a Unity SDK that my teammate Krizstian and I built. EngageFi is designed to help existing mobile developers generate revenue from Web3 income streams seamlessly. Currently, the problem with Web3 gaming is the perception of user…


Protecting the anonymity of data contributors as well as ease of verifiability for DAO operators.

🛠️ Builders: Kenil

🏅 Winning tracks: Scroll

Discovery Account

A secure and user-friendly solution, safeguarding both casual and advanced users against scams, as well as the risks of private key leakages, by using account abstraction.

🛠️ Builders: Maxime, Theo, Paul, Nathan, Thomas

🏅 Winning tracks: Scroll

hybridhive: Stable Price Networks

The project enables a network of small currencies to compete with larger dominant ones facilitating connection among various community tokens and establishing stable conversion rates.

🛠️ Builders: Maksym

🏅 Winning tracks: Optimism

IEF: Anonymous Peer Public Good Impact Measurement

Empowering Ethereum public good projects through insightful impact evaluation & anonymous peer review.

🛠️ Builders: Laura

🏅 Winning tracks: Ethereum Foundation, Optimism


An AI-powered search of Lens profiles based on Lens posts and on-chain activity.

🛠️ Builders: Anastasia, and Gheorghe

🏅 Winning tracks: Gnosis Chain & Gateway

Beyond Resume!

An anonymous, provable, and real-time resume for building better communities.

🛠️ Builders: Gundeep

🏅 Winning tracks: Ethereum Foundation


Allows users to infuse NFT collections with transferable utilities and unlock novel applications around utility delegation, rental & reselling. On-chain, gas-optimized & ERC-721 compatible.

🛠️ Builders: Marios

🏅 Winning tracks: Base

That said, more than 90 projects were built at the hackathon, with each of them solving real problems and bringing a strong vision forward.

Check them out at: https://ethprague2023.devfolio.co/projects
ETHPrague 2023 | Devfolio
Build a solarpunk future!


ETHPrague 2023 exceeded all expectations and became a catalyst for innovation, collaboration, and growth within the blockchain community. The projects presented were not just demonstrations of technical prowess but also real-world solutions to some of the most pressing challenges we face today. Bringing together many passionate minds, ETHPrague served as a beacon of creativity.

We are delighted to have been a part of this journey, empowering creators and fostering a supportive environment. As we look back on the amazing projects and the remarkable energy that filled the air, we eagerly look forward to the future, where the ideas built at ETHPrague will shape the landscape of decentralized technology.

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