Staying Eccentric

Jul 13, 2020☕️ 2 min read

Dear Preet, There will be moments in your life where you feel that everything has stagnated, you'll feel extremely bored and dumbed down.

At such a moment remember what pumps you up. Remember that money is not important, it is essential to survival, but don't be pulled into something just because you're getting paid, and may mean you can buy something for yourself / purchase something for your mom.

Remember always you love to break things apart. You're the kind of person who before even fully understanding something takes a screw-driver to it -> Open's it apart and tries to piece it back together.

Whatever decision you make, make it with eccentricity, be pumped up to do it, or don't do it at all. The true value of you lies somewhere in there.

You're not good at studies, you're in a fucked up college, but there things that bring you up. You've met some remarkable people over time. And remember baba is always there.

If You DO read this, here are a couple of things that are interesting to do!

  1. Turn your old cycle to an electric cycle.

  2. Work at a Hydroponic Farm / Like freaking builds, patent, and license tech. How would this work? you ask.

There's a ton of fucking potential in terms of tech that can be built for Hydroponics. "The truck thing that Kimbal Musk has built is pretty amazing" and I don't see any startups in India doing something similar to that. The real opportunity is when you realize that your family (kinda) is involved in the "Shipping" business. This could be a great source of containers for the plants.

  1. You've grown an interest in making food, it might be fun to explore that

Stay Eccentric